Meet The JOBSEEK Radio Hosts

Lisa-AboutLisa Huetteman is passionate about people. She believes that each and every person is created with gifts and talents and a set of experiences that make them unique. She also knows that those unique gifts, talents and skills will blossom and bring extraordinary value to an organization when put to work in the right role. But when there is a bad fit, there is a terrible waste. For the past 12 years, Lisa has worked with individuals and organizations to find the right fit and to help people develop their unique gifts. She has worked with people, like you, who either A) Lost their job, B) Were about to lose their job, or C) Wished they would lose their job so they could take a severance package and go to work at a job/company where they could flourish. She has helped companies hire and develop superior performers and she has coached people to achieve greater success in their roles. Based on over a decade of experience, she is focusing her gifts and talents with the Find My Perfect Job process to help you recognize your unique talents and gifts and to help you make the connection with that job/company where you too can flourish.


Scott Huetteman is an online marketing, product, and training development expert who consults with clients from industrial companies to Fortune 500 corporations to global conglomerates.

Scott is also a veteran of several layoffs, departmental closings, eliminated positions, division shut-downs, and career transitions. As such, he has mastered the use of keywords, job boards, and job search tools to both find perfect jobs, and ultimately build a thriving consulting practice.

His innovative job requirements matrix approach to identifying keywords and key phrases has allowed his resumes and cover letters to achieve recognition throughout the application process.

Meet The JOBSEEK Radio Guests

Tami Krebs is a Talent Management Consultant at Shine Bright-er Talent Solutions.

Dan Sherman is the Author of Maximum Success with LinkedIn, a Social Media Marketing and LinkedIn Consultant, and Speaker.

Sandy Lee is a Confidence and Success Coach and Author of the e-book Don’t Give Up Your Confidence Without a Fight.

Liz M. Lopez is a Résumé and LinkedIn Specialist, Content Expert, Business Success Trainer and Consultant with Captivate Your Audience Business Services.

Steve Hayes is the Sr. Partner and Founder of The Human Capital Group, a retained executive recruiting firm.

Grant Baxley is CEO of TeleVoIPs, a provider of hosted voice and onsite telecommunication solutions to businesses across the United States.

Lisa Jacobson is a career consultant and executive coach at Workplace Solutions.

Tom Wolf is an author, speaker and business coach is the co-founder of Identity and Destiny and author of Identity and Destiny 7-Steps to a Purpose-filled Life. Tom is a serial entrepreneur with a background in IT Staffing.

Sarah Meaker is a professional recruiter and Director of talent acquisition at Hospital Connections Network (HCN,) a nationally integrated directory that specialize in the permanent placement of registered nurses, allied health professionals, nursing leadership and healthcare administrator positions.

Kelly Watts is President & Founder of MiW, LLC, an organization that offers empowering personal development and workforce development training workshops to government and private agencies, organizations, colleges and universities, training institutions, faith-based communities, and any others who provide workforce services to people.

Elizabeth MacDonald is a communication skills trainer and corporate communication consultant and coach. She specializes in public speaking instruction as well as teaching positive, professional, clear and engaging communicating. Her company, The Verbal Edge, is located in Tampa Bay and in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she offers individual coaching and workshops.